So announced NaturalShrimp, after it commissioned the trials at the CSIRO Agriculture and Food’s Aquaculture Research Team in Tasmania, Australia.

According to Natural Shrimp, with Phase-I efficacy completed, CSIRO has already received ethics approval for starting Phase-II, which will focus on fish welfare during the experimental treatment.

NaturalShrimp is funding the research through its market development partnership with Hydrenesis, the Florida-based exclusive commercialisation agent for the AGD technology in the aquaculture market.

Hydrenesis’ chairman, Bob Watson, explained that: “AGD is costing the salmon industry tens of millions of dollars a year and we are eagerly working with CSIRO and NaturalShrimp to complete testing and begin commercializing this technology.”

NaturalShrimp’s CEO, Gerald Easterling, added: “We are positioning NaturalShrimp to be the leading provider of technology solutions in the fish farming business and we believe that this AGD technology from Hydrenesis is going to be a game changer for the salmon industry.”


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