Alltech Coppens salmon hatcheryAlltech Coppens aims to make its operations more sustainable. Photo: Alltech Coppens

Alltech Coppens plans to reduce the environmental impact of its fish feed.

The fish feed producer is focused on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water and improving sustainable developments in the aquaculture industry.

“Our goal is to provide a greater understanding of sustainability in the aquaculture industry while tackling emissions and decreasing our footprint by consistently assessing feed ingredients and production processes,” said Ronald Faber, CEO and global aqua lead at Alltech Coppens.

Sustainability scoring system

The company has conducted extensive research on alternative protein sources and the use of feed ingredients and developed a sustainability scoring system for feeds.

This scoring system aims to create awareness in the market and enable fish farmers to improve environmental performance. The resulting score reflects the carbon footprint, as well as the impact on other aspects, such as water use, eutrophication and even marine resource sustainability.

A better understanding of sustainability-related aspects also allows for more-informed decisions in feed formulation, which are aimed towards increasing the sustainability of fish feeds, explained Alltech Coppens.

The company has launched a webpage dedicated to aqua sustainability. It is focused on three main areas: Science and Innovation, Sustainable Operations and People and Communities, which are directly related to the value chain. The new webpage outlines where the company stands today regarding this topic and plans for the future.

Parent company Alltech is focused on working for a ‘Planet of Plenty’ and has committed to nine of the UN SDGs. In addition to SDG 14, Alltech Coppens also aims to meet the Planet of Plenty objectives.

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