Andfjord Salmon on track with Andøya siteAndfjord Salmon has plans for sustainable land-based salmon farming. Photo: Terje Engø

Andfjord Salmon is on track to finalise construction of first 1000 tonnes maximum allowed biomass (MAB) land-based capacity pool at Kvalnes in Norway’s arctic archipelago during the second half of 2020.

The company has ramped up construction of its facilities on the island of Andøya, which allows expansion of 60,000 tonnes MAB in the future. Andfjord Salmon’s ambition is to build the world’s most sustainable aquaculture facility of its kind.

“A highly eventful past six months has made me even more confident in our ambition of building sustainable salmon farming at substantially lower production cost compared to traditional salmon farming,” said Andfjord Salmon CEO Martin Rasmussen.

“In the first half of 2020, we have reached several important milestones in both the construction of our first facility at Kvalnes and in preparing for the potential expansion of an additional 60,000 tonnes MAB production capacity.”

Andfjord Salmon has developed a patented, innovative and sustainable aquaculture concept for land-based farming of Atlantic salmon. The company’s facility is escape-proof, lice-free and its innovative multi cleaning system prevents polluting marine life. The facility’s power requirements will be partly met using energy generated by solar panels and wind turbines.

The company’s first facility is currently under construction. It holds a license for 10,000 tonnes MAB for land-based farming of Atlantic salmon and has secured rights to land for a potential expansion of an additional 60,000 tonnes MAB production capacity.

“I am pleased to see that developments in recent months have taken giant strides towards realising our business case and ambition. Our next important milestone is completion of our first 1000 tonnes MAB capacity pool at Kvalnes, which is on track to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2020, and release of smolt during spring 2021,” Martin Rasmussen said.

“Andfjord Salmon’s patented sustainable aquaculture concept for land-based farming, rights to perfectly located land and properties and strong team of aquaculture experts represent a solid platform for future growth.”

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