AquaMaof, an Israeli firm providing recirculating aquaculture system (RAS ) technology, has struck a deal with the aquaculture company Kvidul to build a 20,000 tonne salmon farm on the west coast of Norway.

This is the latest in a series of major overseas investment projects for AquaMaof.

Last summer the company landed two major RAS contracts in Russia and Kazakhstan, and is also involved in projects in France and Japan.

The Kvidul facility will be located at Brennholmen in Åfjord municipality.

Kvidul said that it sees AquaMaof as a particularly important partner, as a supplier of RAS technology.

AquaMaof has also agreed to support Kvidul with financing by becoming a strategic co-owner of Kvidul AS.

AquaMaof will deliver its RAS technology for an annual production of food fish up to 20,000 tonnes whole fish equivalent (WFE) on Brennholmen – which will be built in two phases, each with up to 10,000 tonnes annual production.

For the first phase, a plant with an annual capacity of 10 million smolts will also be delivered.

It says AquaMaof has an uncomplicated tailored design that provides significant operational benefits.

AquaMaof will also contribute with its operating experience and extensive support for a certain period after delivery of the facility, to ensure that equipment and technology work well and that our operating personnel receive a good training period.

Kvidul said: “We aim to acquire additional facilities from AquaMaof in accordance with Kvidul’s development plan. In addition, a collaboration agreement will be entered into between AquaMaof and Kvidul Aqua, linked to the Green Value Chain, which has been developed by Kvidul AS.

Kvidul has spent a lot of time evaluating both technologies and equipment that are available in relation to RAS in the market.

“We are very pleased that AquaMaof has chosen to enter into a long-term collaboration with us,” it states.

Impression of the new Kvidul RAS project

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