Signing the memorandum of cooperation and interaction at the Seafood Expo Russia Signing the memorandum of cooperation and interaction at the Seafood Expo Russia

AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies has teamed up with Russia’s federal fishing agency and non-profit organisation, the National Association of Industrial Aquaculture Enterprises, to promote land-based recirculating aquaculture systems in the country.

In November 2019, the Russian Federation government set about developing commercial salmon farming, including the use of industrial RAS. It is expected that a significant proportion of this salmon cultivation will come through constructing industrial facilities using AquaMaof’s RAS technology.

The AquaMaof minimal liquid discharge RAS technology uses several water-treatment and filtering techniques to cut water consumption in the fish production process.

“The use of AquaMaof’s unique RAS technologies, as well as the company’s world experience in large-scale, industrial, land-based aquaculture projects, will enable Russian aquaculture enterprises to achieve maximum production efficiency and to produce healthy, naturally-raised products, according to global standards,” said Vladimir Mazanov, chief executive of the National Association of Industrial Aquaculture Enterprises.

During the signing ceremony, senior representatives of the Russian Federation’s Federal Agency for Fishery said that “AquaMaof’s innovative approach to organising production and its intelligent, advanced RAS-technologies for the full cycle of commercial fish farming are of great interest to Russian aquaculture enterprises, and also very attractive to large investment funds and financial groups.”

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