Sustainable kelp and hiziki are on the menu Photo: Freddy AnSustainable kelp and hiziki are on the menu Photo: Freddy An

Eleven South Korean farms operated by Wando Eco-Friendly Seafood Cooperative (WESC) have become the first kelp and hiziki producers to achieve ASC-MSC Seaweed certification.

WESC is the third producer in the world to achieve ASC-MSC Seaweed certification, the second in South Korea, and the first producing kelp and hiziki.

The new standard is the first joint standard to be created by ASC and the Marine Stewardship Council. It requires that producers minimise their environmental and social impacts, focusing on issues such as wild population stocks, disease management, energy use, good working conditions and good relationships with local communities.

“As the ASC-MSC Seaweed Standard is a relatively new standard, it is so important that pioneering companies like WESC lead the way and demonstrate to others the great benefits of certification,” said Patricia Bianchi, ASC-MSC Seaweed account manager.

“This is a great achievement not just by WESC but by Wando County, which is an important seafood producer and has really embraced responsible production in recent years,” she added.

WESC is the latest seafood producer in Wando County, South Korea, to achieve ASC certification in recent years after the county embraced the benefits of responsible seafood production. The seaweed products will be sold across Europe, Taiwan and Korea.

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