According to the FDRC, there are 17 priorities identified in this funding round, including multiple post- graduate funding opportunities.

Interested research providers are invited to submit applications that address the priorities via FRDC’s FishNet portal. Most applications are due by 14 February 2022.

Projects that demonstrate strong connections with the end users and beneficiaries, as well as co-contributions from stakeholders and alignment with FRDC’s R&D Plan 2020–25 are preferred. Priority areas include assessing the socio-economic value of cultural fishing in inland rivers, developing stock assessment approaches, developing profiles of recreational fishers, and incorporating Aboriginal perspectives into fishery management review processes.

Further details about the priority areas are available here.

The FRDC takes a leading role in planning and investment in fisheries research, development, and extension in Australia to ensure the ongoing sustainability of our marine sectors and marine ecosystems.

Last financial year, FRDC managed research, development and extension projects worth over $50 million.


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