Continuing with the successful entry into the shrimp feed market, the board of directors of the Danish group BioMar approved the acquisition of AQ1 Systems, a world leader in the manufacture of acoustic technology for shrimp farming feed. With this investment, BioMar aims to accelerate this industry’s journey towards sustainability.

In recent years, BioMar has intensified research and advisory services addressing the complex interconnection between feed solutions, environment, and shrimp production performance. Today, by announcing the acquisition of AQ1 Systems, BioMar connects these dots and takes an additional step.

After strengthening its main feed business with innovative technological solutions, a new chapter in BioMar’s trajectory begins; whose purpose is to create new synergies between farming technology and food solutions:

“We are confident that we can bring together knowledge and innovation in technology, offering new and advanced solutions for our customers, improving feed efficiency and sustainability. Through the optimization of feeding practices, a combination of intelligent feeding systems, comprehensive analysis, cutting-edge feed solutions, and effective crop management we can take another step in the right direction”, explains Carlos Díaz, CEO of BioMar Group.

AQ1 will continue as an independent company, with its own commercial structure, business systems, and distribution channels serving BioMar customers and customers with other food suppliers.  In addition, current AQ1 customers will not experience changes to their services or to existing agreements with AQ1.

“We expect a lot from the collaboration with the BioMar Group.  We believe this will allow us to develop new markets and create value from a broad base of a combination of knowledge and global reach. At the same time, we have a mutual interest in supporting the growth of this industry.  I am confident that the new alliance will open up many possibilities for technological innovation that will benefit growers around the world,” concludes Ross Dodd, Director General and founder of AQ1, who will continue to lead AQ1 after the acquisition.

The BioMar Group headquartered in Denmark has an annual production volume of approximately 1.5 million tonnes of aquafeed.

AQ1 headquartered in Tasmania with sales rooms located between Asia, Central And South America.

For further information, please contact:

CEO, BioMar Group

Carlos Diaz

[email protected]


VP People, Purpose & Communication, BioMar Group

Sif Rishoej

[email protected]


About BioMar:

BioMar are innovators in high performance aquaculture feed dedicated to doing our part in creating a healthy and sustainable global aquaculture industry. BioMar operates 17 feed factories across the globe in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Australia. Worldwide, we supply feed to around 90 countries and for more than 45 different species. BioMar is wholly owned by the Danish industrial group Schouw & Co, which is listed on the NASDAQ, Copenhagen.

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About AQ1:

Sístemas AQ1 (AQ1 Systems) has a worldwide leadership in the production of sensor-based feed control technology for aquaculture. Specializing in acoustic and optical sensing technology, AQ1 provides feed control solutions and sizing systems for aquaculture farms and researchers in 25 species of fish and shrimp. The systems boost productivity by reducing feed conversion rate (FCR), increasing growth, minimizing environmental outcomes, and improving the consistency of meat size and characteristics at harvest.

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