BioMar has during the last years intensified research and
advisory services, embracing the complex interconnection between feed
solutions, environment and shrimp performance.

According to the aquafeed
producing giant, strengthening the core feed business with innovative tech
solutions, will “create new synergies between farming technologies and feed

“We have a strong
belief that we can bring together knowledge and tech innovation, offering new
advantageous solutions to our customers improving feeding efficiency and
sustainability. By optimising feeding practises, combining intelligent feeding
systems, comprehensive analytics, advanced feed solutions, and effective farm
management, we can take yet another step in the right direction,” said Carlos
Diaz, CEO of BioMar Group, in a press release.

“During the last
years, we have seen that the use of intelligent feeders in shrimp farming can
optimise feed efficiency, production yield, and sustainability, when introduced
along data-driven farm management. Adding BioMar feed solutions and technical
knowledge to the equation opens new opportunities”.

AQ1 will continue
as an independent company with its’ own commercial set-up, business systems,
and distribution channels, servicing both BioMar customers and customers with
other feed providers. Existing AQ1 customers will not experience any changes to
their service and agreements with AQ1.

“We very much look
forward to the collaboration with BioMar and their parent company Schouw &
Co, who have significant investments in electronic and mechanical engineering.
We believe this will enable us to develop new markets and create value from an
extensive combined knowledge base and global reach. At the same time, we have a
mutual interest in supporting the growth of the industry. I am sure, the new
alliance will open many possibilities for technological innovation, which will
benefit farmers around the world,” concludes Ross Dodd, managing director and
founder of AQ1.


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