Biomega has completed an expansion at its manufacturing plant in Skaganeset Photo: Biomega GroupBiomega has completed an expansion at its manufacturing plant in Skaganeset Photo: Biomega Group

The Biomega Group has expanded its manufacturing plant in Skaganeset, near Bergen in Norway, to help boost manufacturing and processing capacity.

The upgraded raw materials facility processes salmon offcuts using Biomega’s continuous enzymatic hydrolysis technology. Cleaning, handling and return of the raw material containers is also an important function of the facility.

The project was managed by chief technology officer, Andrew Dustan, who said that investment in the facility was key to the company’s growth strategy. “While the project has not been without challenges, due to the pandemic, an unusually cold winter and the need to continue production throughout the project, we are pleased to see the completed facility now in operation,” he said.

Situated next to the Skaganeset coastline and built by contractors, Svalinn, the 4,500m2 facility houses the company’s sustainable biorefining technology. Operating round-the-clock, this continuous enzymatic hydrolysis process separates fresh raw materials into food and feed ingredients, preserving their nutritional properties and reducing waste.

“This investment, combined with plans for a new biorefinery located in Denmark, will further strengthen the company’s excellent capabilities in supplying sustainably sourced, high-quality food-grade salmon oils, meal and peptides to our customers,” said chief executive, Stig Victor Petersen.

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