Blue Aqua International, a global leader in shrimp farming and aquaculture technology, announced the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Fisheries Development Oman (FDO) to develop and expand the aquaculture sector in the Sultanate starting with a project in the city of Shinas. The agreement formalizes the mutual interaction and strengthens the existing relationship between Blue Aqua and FDO. The collaboration will tap on Blue Aqua’s expertise in shrimp farming technology for technical assistance on FDO’s existing operations across Oman.

“With a vision ‘to be a world-class leader for growth and driving a sustainable fisheries future’, we are pleased to collaborate with Blue Aqua International to transfer the best practices in aquaculture and its technology for enabling the growth of this business and attracting investment. This MoU with no doubt will open up a great opportunity to flourish the aquaculture in Oman,” said Nabil Salim Al Bimani, Group Chief Executive Officer of FDO.

“Fisheries Development of Oman (FDO) was established as a joint commitment between the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Recourses, and Oman Investment Authority (OIA) to develop a sustainable commercial aquaculture and fishing sector in Oman.”

As a pioneer investor in aquaculture, FDO acts as a catalytic initiator to develop large scale projects in the sector, including the development of a commercial fishing fleet, and the operation of subsidiaries for marine fin-fish and shrimp farming.

Blue Aqua and Fisheries Development Oman

Investment offering into Blue Aqua

FDO is also to review an investment offering into Blue Aqua, aligning with its plans to invest in Oman’s aquaculture and fisheries sector. Also, Blue Aqua subsidiaries are in discussion with other prominent funds in Europe and Southeast Asia to join this round of funding.

“We look forward to solidifying our efforts in sustainable aquaculture technology with the project in Oman. With FDO’s support, I believe we will be able to build a successful and sustainable model for urban farming globally,” Said in that sense Farshad Shishehchian, CEO & Founder of Blue Aqua International.

“The group currently operates Singapore’s largest land-based shrimp farm using its patented green technology for urban farming, contributing to Singapore’s ‘30 by 30’ food security goal.”

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is committed to the ‘30 by 30’ goal to sustainably produce 30% of the nation’s nutritional needs locally by 2030. This objective is to be achieved through various avenues, such as co-funding support, facilitating long-term investments to increase production and encouraging demand for local products.

Farms in Singapore, Indonesia and Oman

Could be useful to remember that Blue Aqua International is a one-stop solution provider for the aquaculture industry worldwide. The group provides cutting-edge solutions for the management of the culture environment and the optimization of animal nutrition.

Specialized in aquaculture technology and farming – the group transfers its expert solutions to over 4,000 customers worldwide and operates farms in Singapore, Indonesia and Oman. The company opened its doors for the first time in 2009 in Singapore, founded by Farshad Shishechian and Amornrat Boonchuay.

“The business started with manufacturing and distributing specialty aquaculture products and services to farmers in India. In that year, they also launched their office in Thailand to better support their customers in the region.”

Fisheries Development Oman is a Joint-stock company and a subsidiary of Oman Investment Authority, a wholly government owned sovereign wealth fund, investing in fisheries & fish farming projects that lead to the development of Fisheries & Aquaculture sector in Oman, including shrimp farming, finfish, shellfish and seaweed ventures.

The company is also investing in the establishment of support industries to the fish farming sector, including hatcheries and feed factories.


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