Blue Aqua International, a global leader in shrimp aquaculture technology, announced an investment of SGD 8.8 million from Muscat Investment House in its subsidiary, Blue Aqua Singapore –the farming arm under the group. The investment will help boost Blue Aqua Singapore’s expansion to grow its operations in high-tech trout farming, ramping up distribution, and aquafeed manufacturing; in support of Singapore’s ‘30 by 30’ food security initiative.

Muscat Investment House is one of the largest and most prominent business conglomerates in the Sultanate of Oman, with more than twenty diversified subsidiaries throughout Oman and the Gulf. This is their first investment in the region, with the group’s moving focus into the sustainable aquaculture sector.

The Muscat Investment House expressed its satisfaction, “We are pleased to join Blue Aqua on its mission to expand its scope of work and enable it to expand its aquaculture business in Singapore. This investment will be of mutual benefit to both companies and projects in Singapore and the Sultanate of Oman.”

A country that imports 90% of its nutritional needs

Blue Aqua announced plans earlier this year to build Singapore’s first high-tech fish farm for producing Trout. The intended project will incorporate super-intensive technology to help achieve sustainable trout production locally to support Singapore’s food security initiatives, by making available fresh daily harvest of its premium quality rainbow trout.

Land-scarce Singapore currently imports 90% of its nutritional needs, and is heavily dependent on Malaysia and Indonesia for its seafood imports. The Group is also expanding its farming operations into Oman under the entity Blue Aqua International Gulf LLC.

Singapore’s largest land-based shrimp farm

It’s important to know that Blue Aqua is in discussion with other prominent funds in Europe and Southeast Asia to join this round of funding. The international company currently operates Singapore’s largest land-based shrimp farm using its patented green technology for urban farming, contributing to Singapore’s ‘Green Plan 2030’ sustainability ecosystem.

Blue Aqua International is a one-stop solution provider for the aquaculture industry worldwide. The group provides cutting-edge solutions for the management of the culture environment and the optimization of animal nutrition. Specialized in aquaculture technology and farming –the group transfers its expert solutions to over 4,000 customers worldwide and operates farms in Singapore and Indonesia. For more information.

A library of free knowledge

Also, the company is the creator of Doctor Shrimp, a global shrimp farming community, a clearinghouse for technical and practical knowledge on the five species of shrimp, L. vannamei, P. monodon, P. indicus, L. stylirostris and M. japonicus. “We believe passionately in the power of ideas to innovate, increase productivity and operate sustainably. On, we’re building a library of free knowledge from the industry’s most advocated scientists, aquaculturists, and technical experts — along with a community of farmers to connect both online and at events across the globe.

With the Doctor Shrimp Clinic and Academy, they not only offer disease diagnostics services but also solutions, protocols and practical skills training for shrimp farming, they explain.

From the Sultanate of Oman

In the other hand, founded in 1992, Muscat Investment House has expanded over the past three decades to become one of the largest and most prominent business conglomerates in the Sultanate of Oman. Renowned for its distinctive creative vision and its community development, MIH acts as a flagship company orchestrating more than twenty diversified, high-powered subsidiaries throughout Oman and the Gulf. MIH Oman has developed specialized financial competencies to meet the growing need for experienced, discerning investment throughout the Sultanate.


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