Brim catches down, values upLongliner Kristján HF-100 joined the Brim fleet in 2020. Photo: Kambur hf

According to figures released by Icelandic fishing and processing company Brim, catches were down 11,000 tonnes in 2020, while the company reports an ISK525 million increase in revenues.

With no capelin seasons in 2020 or 2019, and reduced catches of blue whiting, landings by Brim’s two pelagic vessels were down from 88,725 tonnes in 2019 to 81,582 tonnes in 2020.

Due to extensive renovation and re-equipping work at Brim’s Norðurgarður processing plant in Reykjavík, catches by the company’s three fresher trawlers were reduced from 22,351 tonnes in 2019 to 19,710 tonnes last year, while the freezer trawlers’ catch was largely unchanged. The acquisition of Kambur hf in 2020 added longliner Kristján HF-100 to the Brim fleet.

The company’s fleet landed a total of 128,000 tonnes in 2020, 11,000 tonnes less than the 2019 total, and overall catch values came to ISK18,054 million, representing an increase of ISK525 million compared to 2019.

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