OTAQ Group, an expert in marine technology solutions for the global aquaculture and offshore energy industries, has announced that it has been appointed as the new technology supplier to Chilean company Salmones Antartica S.A. (SASA), for integrated water quality measurement equipment to various farming sites, over a complete farming cycle.

“SASA is a highly respected salmon producer internationally, and an excellent reference point for OTAQ in the Chilean market. We look forward to working closely with SASA to improve their production yields and expand our supply agreement”, said Phil Newby, Managing Director of OTAQ, which is based in Lancaster, England.

“Following this initial deployment in Chile, customer interest is now being explored in Scotland and Australia. The launch of this product is another important addition to OTAQ’s growing portfolio of aquaculture solutions,” he added.

Water quality monitoring

OTAQ’s new Water Quality Monitoring (WQM) product continuously monitors oxygen, temperature and salinity levels at a site to provide fish farmers with immediate feedback on the quality of their aquatic environment, the company said.

Complementing OTAQ’s Globe Sensor, the WQM solution is designed to be permanently placed on-site at aquaculture farms to also aid in regulatory reporting.

Salmones Antartica

A pioneer in its country

It is worth noting that SASA is one of the top 10 suppliers of Chilean salmon by production weight, with more than 1,000 employees. SASA’s operation is vertically integrated, encompassing the entire production process, from breeding to processing, in both freshwater and seawater centers, including the production of its own feed to guarantee the quality of its fish.

With roots in the origins and development of the Chilean salmon industry, SASA is considered one of the pioneers of the sector. Since adopting the name Salmones Antartica in 1982, it has become synonymous with high quality production, exporting internationally under the ‘Five Star’ brand.

Development and continuous improvement

OTAQ is a highly innovative marine technology company focused on the marine aquaculture, offshore energy, renewable energy and oceanographic research sectors. It operates in four locations around the world: Lancaster, Aberdeen and Ulverston, all three in the UK, and Puerto Montt in Chile.

OTAQ Aquaculture are innovators in marine technology and engineering, creating solutions that optimize aquaculture operations across the world.

Extensive portfolio

OTAQ’s portfolio of marine technologies includes a market-leading intelligent acoustic deterrent system, Sealfence, designed to protect marine aquaculture sites from predation, with multiple systems deployed in Scotland, Chile and Finland.

OTAQ also has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of subsea connectors, penetrators and communication systems. The company’s Oceansense leak detection systems have a worldwide reputation as an industry standard solution and have been successfully deployed on hundreds of jobs.

OTAQ’s Dragonfish laser measurement system is fast becoming one of the most accurate precision laser measurement systems available underwater.

It aims to continually develop and improve its products using its specialized mechanical, electronic and software engineers with decades of experience in commercializing subsea technology products. At the same time, OTAQ seeks to expand its technology portfolio through acquisitive growth, with the goal of further expanding its aquaculture and marine product offering.

OTAQ are known for their excellence in engineering. By harnessing the breadth and depth of their experience in research and manufacturing they create world-leading solutions for the aquaculture industry.

As explained by its management, OTAQ is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 accredited through DNV-GL. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized quality management system and demonstrates OTAQ’s commitment to consistency, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

The certification also demonstrates its ability to consistently deliver products and services to the market and meet legal and regulatory requirements through the implementation of an effective quality management system.


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