Ocean Harvest announced some days ago the addition of Bruno Sardenberg as Director of Production and Acting Technical Director to its leadership team. This latest appointment by the region’s leading technology-enabled aquaculture startup bolsters Ocean Harvest’s capabilities as it develops its inaugural commercial-scale land-based salmon farm in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Sardenberg previously served as Director of Aquaculture Engineering at Atlantic Sapphire, the world’s largest land-based salmon farm based in Miami, in the United States (US). The new appointment comes five months after Ocean Harvest, Besix and Tech Group announced a strategic partnership to design, construct and operate a high-tech, land-based salmon farm in Abu Dhabi.

“I am delighted to welcome Bruno Sardenberg to the Ocean Harvest team,” said Haytham Shanshal, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Asiatic company. “Ocean Harvest seeks to improve the global food system by pioneering intensive Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technologies in import-dependent and water-scarce regions. To this end, it is more critical than ever to have the right talent in place to achieve our objectives. I can’t wait to work with Bruno to realize our collective pursuit of delivering local, sustainably-grown Atlantic Salmon. We will continue to invest in people who have a proven track record of success to augment our capabilities,” he added.

Ocean Harvest is overcoming traditional supply-related challenges by enabling import-dependent markets to produce their own local supplies of Atlantic salmon throughout the year. Bruno will help us achieve this mission by contributing a rare combination of technical knowledge and operational expertise. Ocean Harvest is on a mission to disrupt inefficient food supply chains by implementing innovative technological solutions. The time could not be more appropriate for our company to pursue this mission as the current global food system experiences runaway inflation of food prices,” said Robert Kupstas, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

Building a long-lasting regional champion

“Top-tier talent and leadership are key drivers to enable Ocean Harvest’s pursuit of pioneering sustainable land-based aquaculture projects in the Middle East. The opportunity is real –the company now needs to execute on it… and the right team taking the right decisions in a focused way is what will allow the company to build a long-lasting regional champion. I’m thrilled with the addition of Sardenberg to Ocean Harvest at this important juncture,” said on his part Bjorn Myrseth, advisor to the company and former President of the European Aquaculture Society (EAS).

Sardenberg joins as Director of Production and Acting Technical Director and will lead the company’s production-related activities as well as technical design and construction. Him previously served as Director of Aquaculture Engineering at Atlantic Sapphire, and prior to that, he worked at Open Sea Farms in Panama as Hatchery Director.

The new Director will oversee project delivery and manage production operations at Ocean Harvest’s inaugural land-based salmon farm in Abu Dhabi. Him will also provide technical and production-related support for the development of the company’s other projects in the broader MEASA region. Sardenberg has a unique skillset, with leadership roles in production, engineering, and farm operations.

Ocean Harvest’s mission is to enable sustainable, local production of premium quality, affordable Atlantic Salmon anywhere is aligned with the UAE’s National Strategy for Food Security.

Ocean Harvest is helping solve the Gulf region’s food security challenges by combining proven Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology with advanced wastewater treatment systems to deliver a truly climate agnostic growing system for salmon.

This solution will pioneer year-round production of Atlantic Salmon while contribution to water conservation and a more sustainable global food system.

It’s good to remember that Ocean Harvest is a technology enabled agribusiness based in the UAE, focused on year-round, local production of salmon. The company leverages innovative Recirculating Aquaculture System, and is addressing systemic challenges by delivering tangible food security, water conservation, economic diversification, and environmental sustainability solutions.


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