Brunvoll propulsion expertise for LiafjordBrunvoll is supplying propulsion and manoeuvring systems to Liafjord. Illustr: Salt Ship Design

Brunvoll has signed a contract with the Cemre yard in Turkey to deliver the propulsion and manoeuvring system for Liegruppen Fiskeri’s new pelagic trawler Liafjord.

The first part of the delivery from Brunvoll will take place in the fourth quarter of  2021, and the main delivery will take place during the first half of next year.

The Brunvoll delivery consists of an integrated system package with gear and CP-propeller systems with shaft and stern tube, tunnel thrusters and control system. The propulsion system is a two-speed system with PTO / PTH function from a combined shaft generator/electric motor.

This will allow supply surplus energy to be routed to the main switchboard from the main engine in PTO mode, and in PTH mode the ship runs electrically in emergency mode.

The integrated system package is designed with focus on user-friendliness, sustainability and the lowest possible energy consumption. The two-speed system is designed for high flexibility with two different propeller speeds for efficient operation adapted to the ship’s operating profile. Optimisation of propeller speeds means that the 0-pitch loss is reduced to a minimum, and the ship achieves significant fuel savings, reduced emissions, and reduced costs.

Brunvoll is proud to deliver another new building to Liegruppen Fiskeri AS, which has been a loyal Brunvoll customer for many years.

“For the new Liafjord we have together with Salt Ship Design and Liegruppen come up with a propulsion and manoeuvring system that satisfies the shipowner’s requirements for modern, efficient and optimal operation of the vessel,” said Geir Arne Kaspersen, VP Sales at Brunvoll.

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