(l-r) Leif Carøe Andersen, Hugo Dissing and Kim Weidemann Photo: Carsoe/Intech(l-r) Leif Carøe Andersen, Hugo Dissing and Kim Weidemann Photo: Carsoe/Intech

Carsoe has acquired all outstanding shares in Intech, consolidating the two companies’ seafood activities and tray denesting technology at Carsoe and Intech respectively.

The former owners of Intech, Leif Carøe Andersen and Carsten Trudslev, will continue with their respective business responsibilities and as significant minority shareholders in both of the combined businesses.

The consolidation is in response to growing customer demand for single solutions from full-line suppliers. It will allow Carsoe to refocus its business purely on the seafood segment, broadening its product offerings in the smaller vessel segment.

“We are excited to join forces and to build an even stronger Carsoe seafood business,” said Carsoe chief executive, Hugo Dissing. “We are on a journey to becoming the largest global preferred supplier of onboard seafood processing systems,” he added.

For Intech, which earlier in the year acquired KM Fish Machinery, the merger allows the company to focus on its tray denesting products, complete packing solutions and automated applications such as pick and place robots.

“With two market-leading denesting brands, AnyTray and INTRAY, under one roof, we can expand our product portfolio substantially and focus on food packaging as our core business,” said chief executive, Kim Weidemann.

Intech’s founder and part-owner, Leif Carøe Andersen, called the merger a ‘perfect fit’. “Today marks a new beginning for Intech, Carsoe, and for me personally when I bring my expertise and the seafood team over to Carsoe to build a new common future,” he said.

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