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Monday, May 10, 2021

Aussie kingfish producer looks to Oslo listing

By Vince McDonagh - 4th May 2021 A leading Australian aquaculture company has taken the unusual step of asking to be listed on the Oslo...

Fish Vet group rebrands as PHARMAQ Analytic

By Editors - 4th May 2021 Fish Vet Group is changing its name to PHARMAQ Analytic, following the company’s acquisition by PHARMAQ’s parent company, Zoetis,...

Seafood Forum announces leading line-up of CEOs

By Vince McDonagh - 4th May 2021 The North Atlantic Seafood Forum, Scandinavia’s main industry showcase, will be fielding the largest group of top aquaculture...

Thai Union joins seafood transparency initiative

The initiative is a global platform where seafood businesses publicly share details on the sourcing of their seafood. Thai Union says that the project’s...

CIBA launches India’s first homegrown fish vaccine

On 27 April, Dr JK Jena, deputy director general (fisheries) at ICAR, launched CIBA-Nodavac-R, in a bid to combat VNN, which affects many marine,...

Mowi graduate trainees join the company

By Editors - 4th May 2021 Three graduates who joined Mowi Scotland 18 months ago on a training programme have been hired to permanent posts. Connie...

How salinity impacts EHP in whiteleg shrimp

The salinity levels of shrimp ponds have been shown to have a major impact on the prevalence of Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP), according to new...

Nigerian catfish farmers launch own brand feed

Cafan decided to produce its own feed due to the persistent increases in feed prices, especially since the beginning of the year. Funding for...

A closer look at the solutions Evoqua supplies for the Aquaculture industry.

What is the history of aquaculture and when did its surge in popularity begin? Aquaculture has recently gained a lot of attention with the...

CAT offers tasty fish nutrition opportunity

Based on Prince Edward Island, off the east coast of Canada, the aquaculture innovation and research company, is offering a full-time role to a candidate...

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