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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

India steps up GIFT tilapia production

GIFT, which was originally developed by WorldFish, is a fast growing strain of tilapia, which is currently being selectively bred at the RGCA's Vijayawada...

A simple but effective alternative to traditional oyster trestles

French oyster production traditionally takes place in intertidal zones but – as most of the suitable intertidal areas are already under shellfish production or...

Bahrain to ramp up aquaculture production

A key agreement was signed this week by the Ministry of agriculture and marine resources Under-Secretary Dr Nabeel Abu Al Fateh and a representative...

High hopes for low trophic aquaculture

The €8 million AquaVitae project involves researchers from a consortium of 35 institutions from 15 countries, from around the Atlantic, with participants from Europe...

Nofima to meet rising RAS research demands

The research station at Sunndalsøra, which specialises in aquaculture in closed and semi-closed facilities, is fully booked until the summer of 2022. As a...

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