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Friday, June 18, 2021

Dong Shuanglin: China’s marine ranches represent new approach to aquaculture

China has rolled out a national policy with a new approach toward aquaculture, according to a leading Chinese researcher in the field.Dong Shuanglin, a...

BioMar pledges to cut its carbon footprint

By Editors - 14th June 2021 Aquafeed giant BioMar has committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its feed by one-third by 2030. The pledge is...

The feed conundrum

There have been great strides forward in aquafeed, but the the industry will need to continue looking for even better solutions. When I was first...

Måsøval sets out plans to go public

Måsøval AS, one of the early salmon farming pioneers, has become the latest in a long line of seafood companies to apply for listing...

America’s ‘ghost kitchens’ are good news for seafood

By Vince McDonagh - 14th June 2021 A new catering phenomenon is helping to boost sales of seafood, including salmon, in the United States. They...

Can your farm break through the glass ceiling?

Catfish at the ACAC Feed at a farm Changing your feed could be the key to a breakthrough in RAS efficiency For many years, the concept of...

Why nucleotides matter

Feed ingredients are crucial for healthy fish and shrimp The aquaculture feed industry, like other animal feed industries, constantly examines the market and the latest...

Breeding tougher tilapia

So claims a team of research scientists from Wageningen University, who have demonstrated that genes influence swimming fitness of tilapia. As there are indications...

Improving hatchery performance in “Catfish Country”

Zarraga, in Iloilo, is known by some as “Catfish Country”, but farmers such as Zarraga Pantat Fingerlings have struggled to keep pace with buyers’...

Ensuring year-round milkfish production in the Philippines

“The shortage of milkfish seeds is more pronounced in the Philippines between November and February when the weather becomes too cold for breeders to...

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