Fishing into the FutureFishing into the Future will implement a three-year work programme to improve knowledge, cohesion and collaboration within the UK fishing sector. Photo: Fishing into the Future

UK charity Fishing into the Future (FITF) has formed a partnership with the Fishmongers’ Company that includes a substantial grant to implement a three-year work programme.

This work is being coordinated by fisheries and seafood expert, Emma Plotnek, who will take on the role of FITF programme manager. Plotnek aims to strengthen and develop FITF’s network to improve knowledge, cohesion and collaboration within the UK fishing sector. This includes preparing events and tailored workshops, so that a representative pool of people within the catching sector can participate in management, science, and business scenarios.

Fishing into the Future’s Chairman, Dave Stevens, said: “Improving regular communication between stakeholders is fundamental if we are to build trust among industry players, but on top of this we aim to increase the impact of these conversations by improving how we talk and listen to one another.”

He added: “Thanks to the support from the Fishmongers’ Company, we can continue devise and deliver solutions to help communication, build transparency and foster co-management that is nurtured by collaborative data collection and science.”

Collaborative fisheries management

Since its inception, FITF has been instrumental in delivering unique learning opportunities designed to equip fishermen, scientists and fisheries managers with the knowledge, connections, and confidence to work together towards effective fisheries management, for a sustainable and prosperous UK fishing industry. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, FITF is currently focused on building relationships and knowledge remotely through an online network and series of digital interventions and events, aiming to restart face-to-face activities later in 2021.

Additional time and expertise is provided by Alison Freeman, fisheries programme manager on the fisheries team at Fishmongers’ Company.

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