Eating fish is good for health Photo: NSCEating fish is good for health Photo: NSC

A new study from Norway has found children are not eating enough fish according to national dietary guidelines, a trend seen across most western countries, says the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC).

The Ipsos study of Norwegian children aged 8 to 19 years found that as much as 80% of children are currently not eating the recommended 2 to 3 portions of seafood per week.

“Parents must take a greater responsibility,” said Camilla Beck, director of marketing at the Norwegian Seafood Council. “This is a really worrying trend seen not only among children in Norway, as this study confirms, but also in other countries in Europe and overseas.

It is a ticking time bomb both in terms of public health and global ambitions of halting climate change, where increased consumption of sustainable food form the oceans is a key factor,” she added.

These results are repeated across other nations. Studies from the USA and UK have found that just 6% and 5% respectively are consuming seafood at least twice a week.

Fish and shellfish are good sources of low-fat proteins, essential vitamins and minerals, including iodine and Omega-3 which is found in oily fish such as salmon and mackerel.

Camilla Beck believes parents are the key to bucking the trend. In the NSC’s recent survey, seven out of ten children said they would eat more fish if they were served dishes they actually want.

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