Chilean operator places well boat orderNaviera Orca has placed a well boat order with Larsnes Mek Verksted. Illustr: Skipskompetanse

Norwegian shipyard Larsnes Mek. Verksted AS has an order for a new 2800 cubic metre capacity well boat for Chilean operator Naviera Orca Chile SA.

Designed by Måløy company Skipskompetanse AS, the well boat’s 2800 cubic metre capacity is for 400 tonnes of live salmon.

“This is the type of technology needed in Chile,” said Naviera Orca’s CEO Ezequias Alliende.

“The vessel, the technology, the efficiency and the size are right for our industry at the moment, and will be central to ensuring the wellbeing of the fish in a cost-effective manner.”

The 79.27 metre LOA, 15 metre beam design is arranged for open and closed transport of salmon and smolts, as well as RSW cooling, freshwater production and freshwater treatment. It will have the latest in equipment for zero emissions during closed transport with monitoring and purification of water. In addition, it will have a filter system for collecting lice, UV water treatment in and out of the cargo holds, as well as automatic washing and disinfection systems. Systems for monitoring, regulation and logging of water quality and other key parameters are part of the package.

To ensure the fish’s well-being, it is arranged with pressure loading and pressure release, sorting and de-lousing without the use of a vacuum pump.

The hull is being built at Marine Projects in Poland and the finished well boat will be delivered to Naviera Orca at the end of 2021.

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