Volunteers collected 200 bags of rubbish on the shores of Schitovaya Bay Photo: RFCVolunteers collected 200 bags of rubbish on the shores of Schitovaya Bay Photo: RFC

The first stage of the Clean Coast Ecological Marathon for clearing the coast of rubbish has been held on the sea coast of Schitovaya Bay in Russia.

The action is the brainchild of the Russian Fishery Company, one of whose charitable programmes is to preserve and protect water resources and raise awareness of the problems of pollution. The participants cleared the coastal area of ​​rubbish, installed waste disposal bins and placed campaign stands urging visitors to take care of the environment. In total, the activists collected more than 200 bags of rubbish.

“The garbage that accumulates on the beach frightens not only by its scale, but also by the potential danger it poses to the health and life of living organisms, since it leads to the pollution of the marine environment and underground waters,” said the general director of Russian Fishery Company, Viktor Litvinenko.

A set of measures is planned to protect the environment and promote environmental awareness. Cleaning of the coastal area of ​​the beach will take place weekly until the end of October with further beach cleans resuming at the start of the 2021 beach season.

It is also planned to hold contests for children’s drawings and environmental projects for schoolchildren in the city including quests and lessons in schools.

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