Through a new industry campaign titled “Essential Aquaculture,” Stronger America Through Seafood (SATS) aims to create a sense of urgency for Congress to act swiftly on aquaculture.

“As Congress debates ways to address the many pressing challenges we face, including economic recovery, food security and environmental challenges, aquaculture should be considered as one of the solutions,” said Margaret Henderson, Campaign Manager of SATS.

“The expansion of American aquaculture is essential to the US economy. Aquaculture can strengthen American communities by supporting new jobs and a diverse workforce in a post-pandemic world. Increased seafood production would also ensure families have a steady supply of affordable American-raised seafood produced sustainably with minimal impact on the environment, which is essential to climate and conservation efforts.”

Campaign materials, including a fact sheet, social media shareables and an infographic, will outline how essential aquaculture is a solution to some of the most pressing problems we face. SATS will call on Congress to facilitate the expansion of fish farming, including offshore, in US federal waters, by clarifying aquaculture regulatory and management activities across federal agencies.


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