Paul Trebilcock, CEO of CFPO Photo: Quentin BatesPaul Trebilcock, CEO of CFPO Photo: Quentin Bates

Key promises made to the Cornish fishing industry have been broken and fishermen betrayed, says the Cornish Fish Producers’ Organisation as it slams the terms of the Brexit trade deal.

Paul Trebilcock, chief executive of the CFPO which represents the interests of hundreds of fishermen across Cornwall explained why his members have been left reeling from the deal.

“Promises of full and absolute control of our waters and better fishing opportunities have been made time and time again only to be shattered at the final moment,” he said.

“It is certainly not the deal we were led to believe we would receive, and it has left Cornish fishermen feeling angry and insulted.”

The CFPO criticises the on-going EU access to UK waters. “Full and absolute control of UK waters out to 200 miles, or the median line, was a stated objective for the UK,” said Mr Trebilcock. “However, within the final deal, EU access to UK fishing grounds will, in effect, remain the same as now for a minimum of five and a half years.”

Particularly egregious for the inshore fleet, EU access will continue within the UK’s 6 to 12 mile limit, something the CFPO calls a red line for the UK.

The CFPO has also slammed the quota allocation arguing that the deal does not reflect fish populations. Also of concern is increased paperwork with the new need for catch and health certificates and border controls.

“The Cornish fishing industry has been used and abused. Any shred of trust fishermen had in politicians will be difficult to ever rebuild,” said Trebilcock.

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