Damen passes milestone in beamer buildFranson Z-91 has been delivered for outfitting. Photo: Damen Shipyards

The Daman Maaskant yard in Stellendam has taken delivery of 38 metre beam trawler Franson Z-91, and is now making progress on outfitting the new trawler for its Belgian owner.

Franson is one of a series of new vessels being built for Belgian owners. This new BT3808 design has been developed to dovetail with the maximum length and tonnage allowable under Belgian Maritime Inspectorate regulations. Maaskant have optimised the design in order to achieve a 12% increase in bollard pull.

The new beamer will replace the Francine Z-90 currently operated by Belgian fishing company Rederij Long Ships, which was founded in 1934 by the current owner’s grandfather.

“I expect a lot from Franson. First and foremost to bring in food from the wide seas. She will also play an economically important role, contributing to the Flemish economy and employment in the ports and fish trade and especially in creating a livelihood for our Flemish fishermen. They will enjoy job satisfaction on board Franson, which is a safe, efficient and ergonomic ship,” said Rederij Long Ships owner Eddie Cattoor, as he showed his appreciation to the shipyard workers in Gdansk for their efforts during a hard winter to complete Franson’s steelwork.

“It’s a ship that meets all modern and contemporary requirements and that will be further completed with the best accommodation for the crew, who have to work hard for many days at sea.”

Franson is expected to work year-round on fishing grounds in the North Sea and the Skagerak and to fish Bay of Biscay waters during summer months.

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