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The General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean is launching a new online regional repository for fisheries and aquaculture legislation in the region.

GFCM-Lex will provide information on national legislation and binding recommendations adopted by the GFCM in an easily accessible and comprehensible format. It is hoped that the repository, the first of its kind, will help share best practices and promote sustainable fishing across the 21 countries in the Mediterranean.

With the aim of covering the entire region by 2022, the GFCM is piloting the project in Albania, Tunisia and Turkey, representing three Mediterranean sub regions (Adriatic Sea, central Mediterranean and eastern Mediterranean). Information will be available in English, French or the national language of the country covered. 

GFCM-Lex is already having an impact on national legislation. In Albania for example, administrators have used the repository to identify gaps in their existing legislation and update it in line with GFCM recommendations.

These actions are helping to protect vulnerable species and support small-scale fisheries while addressing issues such as bycatch and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.

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