Dock Blocks reduce maintenance costsDock Blocks use a unique 4-pin connection system. Photo: Dock Blocks

The low-maintenance design, durability and simplicity of Dock Blocks mean a 50% reduction in maintenance costs for users of these floating modular docks, according to the company’s CEO, Matt West.

“Our floating docks are designed and built to help farmers have faster access to their nets and cages, which in turn increases profits,” Matt West said.

“The companies that work with us see as much as 50% lowered maintenance costs so they can maximize operations and stop wasting money on dock repairs.”

Dock Blocks uses patented technology, including the manufacturer’s unique 4-pin connection system, making installation 75% faster. The unique formulation of HDPE ensures durability no matter if the system is in fresh waters or the ocean and the simplicity of the system offers a level of customisation that allows marine farms to shift seasonally or expand as needed without additional costs.

“Customers have been known to refer to Dock Blocks as “hurricane-proof” due to its ability to withstand hurricane force conditions, an added benefit for fish farming in coastal or storm-prone areas,” Matt West said.

“For farmers focused on conservation and restoration, Dock Blocks provides an option that aligns to their goals by producing docking systems in a zero waste manufacturing process and using entirely recyclable materials. Dock Blocks is committed to product development and innovation with new docking solutions released regularly that support the various goals of the industry. With affiliates in Brazil, Dock Blocks has unique experience

to help farmers in the industry on a global scale.

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