Dutch group EFICE has switched to Auxcis’s web-based trading platform, KOSMOS Dutch group EFICE has switched to Auxcis’s web-based trading platform, KOSMOS

The Dutch EFICE group has become the first fish auction network to switch to real-time trading platform, KOSMOS.

Developed by Aucxis, KOSMOS enables buyers from the fishing industry to access all information via a central web platform and actively participate in the sale from any location in the world.

“With KOSMOS we can add a second clock as long as necessary in case the supply volume requires it,” commented Riekelt Kramer, chief financial officer at EFICE.

EFICE represents Visveiling Urk (Urk/Harlingen), Zeeuwse Visveilingen (Breskens/Vlissingen) and Visafslag Lauwersoog auction houses and KOSMOS is currently operational for Urk and Lauwersoog with the conversion underway at Vlissingen.

The network’s decision to choose KOSMOS was in response to the changing face of fishing and the need for flexibility. “Over the years, our fishermen have changed en masse their fishing method,” explained Riekelt Kramer.

“Due to the new, sustainable way of fishing, much smaller lots of other species arrive, for example 20 kg of gurnard per day. This is the reason why the auction process takes more time, which is detrimental to the price-making and the quality of the fish. KOSMOS enables to quickly add a second clock at Urk, as long as necessary,” he said.

“The other big advantage of KOSMOS for our buyers is the centralisation of information in one digital platform, for, among others, supply, transactions, retrieving invoicing data and other reports,” he added.

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