Enhanced sea bream diet for deeper colourAller Lucet provides farmed sea bream with a feed that boosts colour and overall condition. Illustr: Aller Aqua

A new feed launched by Aller Aqua has been developed for farmed sea bream to match the deep colouration found in wild sea bream, but which can be lacking in the farmed variety.

Taking its brand name for the Latin word for light, Aller Lucet has added omega-3 fatty acids, designed to boost deeper coloration and increases the overall consumer appeal and nutritional value of the fish, making it more appealing to consumers.

Wild sea bream have a highly varied diet, which creates the deeper colouration. However, while the farmed diet is optimised for health and growth, the less varied diet makes for a lighter coloured fish. Naturally derived raw materials in the farmed sea bream diet can change this, enhancing the colouration and adding nutritional value.

Aller Lucet is a finisher feed and is recommended for use at least ten weeks before harvest for maximum effect. The feed has been enhanced with naturally derived raw materials, developed to get the fish ready for harvest in optimum condition.

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