Ervik Havfiske’s latest longlinerArgos Helena is the latest longliner for the Ervik Havfiske fleet. Photo: Tersan

The newest longliner delivered to Norwegian fishing company Ervik Havfiske follows a familiar pattern, designed by Marin Teknikk and built in Turkey by Tersan.

The ice-class, UK-flagged Argos Helena is built to fish for toothfish in the southern hemisphere and is the sixth of its kind for the company, joining Frøyanes Junior and Vestkapp which were delivered in 2020.

Built to Marin Teknikk’s MT1112 L design, Argos Helena has a 60.50 metre overall length with a 13 metre beam, laid out with a moonpool for hauling the longline straight into a sheltered area where catches are stripped off the line and passed to the processing deck.

Power is supplied by a Yanmar main engine and there is accommodation on board for up to 30 persons.

The new Argos Helena was christened by its godmother Hildegunn Aarsheim at a ceremony held at the shipyard and attended by 70 guests from Norway.

As well as being Tersan’s hundredth newbuild, this is the eleventh fishing vessel designed by Marin Teknikk for Ervik Havfiske, and a number of Norwegian companies are among those supplying equipment for Argos Helena.

“We have been working closely with Stig and Kjell-Magne Ervik and their team for almost 25 years, and we feel this a recognition of our work, by designing safe, practical, environmentally and cost-effective fishing vessels, especially adjusted to different fishery and ocean areas where Ervik operates,” said Marin Teknikk’s sales director Richard K. Gjerde

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