Scottish seafood businesses exporting to the EU will have additional help negotiating post-Brexit red tape, with the appointment of an expert adviser based in France.
Seafood Scotland has appointed an experienced logistics manager, Taylor Calon, to provide on-site support to lorry drivers at Boulogne-sur-Mer.
Calon will be available to consult 24 hours/day, Mondays through Saturdays and Seafood Scotland has committed to providing advice within 30 minutes of being contacted.
Donna Fordyce, Chief Executive at Seafood Scotland, said: “Taylor has significant experience navigating cross-border logistics. His expertise will be a boon to Scottish seafood exporters and provide ground support from a European standpoint.
“We now have a team of experts on both sides of the UK-EU border working to tackle the most pertinent challenges and understand the new business practices that have come into play since 1 January. This is the first step in revitalising the sector and getting the Scottish seafood industry back up to pre-Brexit levels of trade.”
Calon previously worked as a sea-based agent on the DFDS Calais/Dover line, and then as a port agent for the Toulon Chamber of Commerce. He holds a Master’s degree in management and international trade from the Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale in Dunkirk, France.
Last week, additional support based in Scotland for seafood exporters was announced, funded through the Scottish Government and Scotland Food and Drink’s joint Recovery Plan.

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