Extra capacity with twin vertical freezerOne of the high-capacity Tucal vertical plate freezers recently delivered to a refrigeration installer in Thailand

Demand for high-capacity plate freezers has grown considerably in recent years, despite the advantages in versatility, continuous operation, efficiency and security of having production at certain level split between more units.

In response to this growing demand, Tucal has recently developed its twin vertical plate freezer, a model which lets the customer reach at least 25% more capacity – or more, depending on the precise specifications – with the same robustness and also the same guarantee in operation and efficiency as the standard model.

“The twin vertical plate freezer is specially designed to have a very good, even refrigerant distribution through all the plates, as well as a reliable and safe hydraulic operation,” Tucal’said.

Tucal has been manufacturing plate freezers since 1989 and specialises in this type of equipment, but also includes other refrigeration technologies within its range of products.

“During 2020, we have also developed an eco-friendly ice machine, prepared to work with secondary refrigerants, which has not only the advantages of being an environmentally responsible solution, but also brings more security and the ease of connection to centralised installations, also with natural refrigerants,” Tucal’s spokesperson added.

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