FCWC-PESCAO MCS Centre appoints CoordinatorFCWC-PESCAO has appointed Godfrey Baidoo-Tsibu as coordinator for the RMCSC

The Fisheries Committee for the West Central Gulf of Guinea (FCWC) under its European Union-funded Improved Regional Fisheries Governance (PESCAO) project has successfully recruited a coordinator for the Regional Monitoring Control and Surveillance Centre (RMCSC).

Godfrey Baidoo-Tsibu joined the organisation on 6th July 2020 following a recruitment process that began in March, attracting applicants from within and outside the region. Appointing a RMCSC Coordinator became necessary to successfully implement one of the key result areas under the PESCAO project; the establishment of a regional vessel monitoring system.

“We are delighted to have Godfrey Baidoo-Tsibu as the RMCSC Coordinator and remain confident that he will bring his experience and competence to ensure that the objective of monitoring vessels in the region is achieved,” said FCWC Secretary-General Seraphin Dedi.

Godfrey Baidoo-Tsibu is recruited under the FCWC-PESCAO project and mandated to co-ordinate activities related to regional MCS Center operation, to establish communication with the Member States, partners, stakeholders and initiatives engaged in the fight against IUU fishing and associated crimes in the FCWC region.

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