Clearwater Seafood is investing in technologyThe agreement includes crew internet access and Fleet Care support to secure fishing fleet connectivity off Canada’s east coast. Photo: Clearwater Seafood

Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress high-speed maritime broadband services will be used by a Canadian seafood company to boost communications on its vessels.

Clearwater Seafoods chose to install the Fleet Xpress combination of high-speed Ka-band and continuous FleetBroadband backup onboard seven vessels replacing Ku-band services on each vessel. Deployed off Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, each vessel is being fitted with Inmarsat-approved, high-performance GX100NX antennas from Intellian.

“Robust connectivity for the crew is imperative for Clearwater,” says Brad MacKinnon, director, Canadian fleet operations, Clearwater Seafoods. “We have over 400 personnel at sea who expect stable and reliable connectivity in challenging North Atlantic conditions, given that they can be away from home for up to 35 days at a time.”

Fleet Care programme

The contract also includes Inmarsat’s fully managed Fleet Care programme for Fleet Xpress, developed to maximise equipment uptime and minimise out of pocket expenses on unplanned maintenance.

Based on a fixed monthly cost, customers secure all spare parts for 36 months on purchased hardware and benefit from a lifetime warranty for rented equipment, with free of charge support from certified technicians in over 50 ports worldwide.

Fleet Care also includes remote equipment health checks and allows customers to update without additional cost as new hardware develops.

“This contract represents outstanding recognition of the Fleet Xpress platform which will make waves among fishing customers along Canada’s east coast and elsewhere,” says Eric Griffin, vice president offshore & fishing, Inmarsat Maritime.

Clearwater Seafoods is active off the coasts of Canada, UK and Argentina and operates 21 vessels in total.

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