The new smartphone technology can help assess the quality of seafood Photo: GoMicroThe new smartphone technology can help assess the quality of seafood Photo: GoMicro

A South Australian start-up has developed a novel phone-based system to assess the quality of tuna.

GoMicro’s imaging platform requires just 50 to 100 images rather than the thousands required by conventional artificial intelligence systems and can deliver detection accuracies of 80 to 90%.

“The GoMicro platform is an exciting example of the successful integration of key technologies – mobile, microscopy, machine learning and interpretive data analyses – to deliver next generation agtech solutions aimed at improving Australian agriculture’s production systems, biosecurity vigilance and protection,” said Professor Rob Lewis, former chief executive of the South Australian Research and Development Institute.

Initial tests on yellowfin tuna have proven to be successful in assessing the freshness of tuna and beta testing has begun with the Keells supermarket chain. The new technology is compatible with any smartphone and works by using a clip-on diffuser to create a uniform lighting condition before then exploiting the phone’s flashlight to assess conditions under the surface.

Based on the success of the initial validation testing, GoMicro has started to develop quality assessment standards for a wide variety of seafood. The company hopes the new technology will help to reduce food waste which is now estimated to be AUS$1 trillion.

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