Issue 3.0 of the BAP Farm Standard is now available Photo: Global Aquaculture AllianceIssue 3.0 of the BAP Farm Standard is now available Photo: Global Aquaculture Alliance

The Global Aquaculture Alliance has released the third version of its Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) Farm Standard.

The renamed Issue 3.0 replaces Issue 2.4 of the BAP Finfish and Crustacean Farm Standard and adds a number of new requirements under BAP’s four pillars of sustainability — food safety, social accountability, environmental responsibility and animal welfare.

The new standard covers all feed-fed finfish and crustacean species, including ‘fed’ mollusks such as abalone and sea cucumbers. A separate BAP Salmon Farm Standard covers salmonids raised in marine net pens and the BAP Mollusk Standard covers unfed mollusk species such as mussels, clams and oysters.

The new standard is mandatory for new and re-certifying facilities with effect from 1 March 2022. It includes a ban on antimicrobials designated as critically important for human medicine, additional social accountability and wildlife protection clauses, clarity on metrics and specific consideration for environmental requirements for reservoir/lake-based cage farms, recirculating aquaculture systems and coastal flow-through farms.

An overview of the new standards is available by webinar on 11 March. To register visit the GAA website.

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