Gadus opts for Valka portioning systemGadus transformation manager Bruno Deracourt (left) with Valka’s Daniel Niddam and Jon Birgir Gunnarsson and Gadus IT Manager Frédéric Van Cappel. Photo: Valka

Belgian fish processor Gadus has concluded an agreement with Icelandic high-tech developer Valka for a new cutting system to portion salmon and whitefish fillets.

The new Valka system from is expected to significantly enhance Gadus’ flexibility in multi-species processing. With this technology, Gadus will be able to focus more on product development with their partners and offer many new portion types to the market. The companies will install and launch the system later this month.

“We are pleased with this contract with Valka and very excited to make the most of the solution Valka is delivering,” said Gadus CEO Philip Duyck.

“This plays a key role in our transformation plans and our ability to secure long-term contracts with our retail partners. Also, it is great to see that the teams have been working together in a very efficient way despite the Covid 19 situation. A big thank you to the Valka team for their great collaboration and effort.”

Gadus has a strong reputation for its top-quality fish products, and has recently responded to changing market demands by embarking on a transformation process and articulating a long-term company vision. As part of that work, Gadus examined its value chain and built a solid relationship with some international food retailers. With its new portioning system, Gadus will further strengthen that bond by moving closer to consumers and offering products they demand.

Always quick to adapt to market changes, Gadus’ new robot-controlled portioning system will be able to better utilise each fillet, enabling the company to offer novel product types that would be difficult or impossible to produce otherwise. The new system can cut any angled or curved pattern, optimising the use of each fish. For example, in addition to cutting several fixed-weight retail portions from a salmon fillet, the system can simultaneously cut numerous small, cubed poke portions from the belly and tail parts, formerly a highly labour-intensive task. Previous systems could only cut parallel lines.

“We are grateful for the trust Gadus has placed in Valka and our capability to develop and implement disruptive technology that will serve their objective to deliver outstanding products,” said Valka area sales manager Daniel Niddam.

“Gadus delivers only the best products from select raw materials, and we are proud to play a part in that.”

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