Chile aims to produce 70% of energy from renewable sources Photo: Golden OmegaChile aims to produce 70% of energy from renewable sources Photo: Golden Omega

Golden Omega has been certified by Green-e Energy, an independent programme in the United States for the verification of renewable energy and carbon offsets.

Founded in Chile in 2008, Golden Omega produces Omega-3 concentrates for the food and supplement industries and is one of only two companies in the country to obtain the certification.

Jorge Brahm, managing director at Golden Omega, said that sustainability and concern for the environment were central to the company’s activities. “End users in the United States, Europe and Asia are very concerned about the origin of the products they consume, their manufacturing process and where the energy used in their production comes from,” he said.

“This aspect is key for Golden Omega, which goes out into the world to compete with major international players in demanding markets where customers value the sustainability of our operations,” he added.

By 2030, Chile aims to supply 70% of its energy from renewable sources. Jennifer Martin, executive director at the Center for Resource Solutions, the NGO behind the Green-e certification program, highlighted the possibilities that Chile has for effective use of clean energies. “[Because] Chile is rich in renewable energy resources such as solar and wind, national companies have a tremendous potential to differentiate their products in the markets as made [exclusively] with renewable energy,” she said.

In 2018, Golden Omega signed an agreement with Colbún, renewed in 2020, ensuring that until 2026 the company will use exclusively zero-emission electric energy generated from renewables.

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