Donna Fordyce Photo: Seafood Scotland Donna Fordyce Photo: Seafood Scotland 

The seafood processing sector across Aberdeenshire presents a significant growth opportunity for north-east Scotland’s economy, suggests a new study.

The ‘Future Proofing the Seafood Industry’ paper, commissioned by Aberdeenshire Council to look into the £700m industry supports the case for investment to deliver business growth, new jobs and increase processing, particularly in Fraserburgh, Peterhead and Aberdeen.

Donna Fordyce, Head of Seafood Scotland, said that Scottish seafood was renowned across the world. “Here we have an opportunity to transform the processing sector further with increased landings allowing the sector to add more value to the seafood, to create better efficiencies, resulting in more profitability and investment into the sector,” she said.

The study, based on evidence gathered immediately before the Covid-19 lockdown in March, finds that the volume of fish landed in the region is expected to increase after Brexit and that there is a strong case for investment in this part of Scotland’s food manufacturing industry.

A cluster of businesses that can drive growth have been identified along with priority areas for action and investment. These include increasing processing and value-adding capacity, quality standards, developing infrastructure, market development, product innovation, supply chain integration and automation.

The findings will inform the Seafood Transformation Project which is led by Opportunity North East and developed by industry partners.

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