Grupo Sahlman certified carbon neutralGrupo Sahlman’s Carbon Neutral Certification is the result of the company’s operating model. Photo: Grupo Sahlman

Shrimp farming and export companies Sahlman Seafoods in Nicaragua and Bee Gee Shrimp SA, part of Grupo Sahlman, are among the first in Central America to receive Carbon Neutral Certification, made possible by sustainable and efficient operation.

Grupo Sahlman’s executive director Virgilio Castillo Hawkins stressed that this certification is the result of the companies’ commitment in promoting constant innovation, best practices and becoming leaders in both Nicaragua and the region.

He commented that “the efforts to achieve and maintain this certification are based on the values of Grupo Sahlman’s Board of Directors and shareholders, which extend beyond what is set forth in the Nicaraguan regulatory framework for our industry.”

The certification ratifies that Grupo Sahlman submitted to a rigorous evaluation process and 100% of their carbon footprint is offset by their own carbon sinks. This is done through the implementation of sustainable programmes such as mangrove reforestation in the area of Estero Real, where the shrimp farms are located, with more than 160,000 seedlings planted in the Estero Real estuary near Chinandega.

Additional activities include reforestation of former cattle pastures, primary forest management, and producing shade-grown coffee in the municipality of La Dalia, Matagalpa.

This certification is the outcome of Grupo Sahlman’s commitment to a business model that promotes sustainable practices and joins worldwide efforts to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GGE), he said.

The carbon neutral certification is extended by the Costa Rican Technical Standards Institute (INTECO) and is obtained by means of compliance with INTE ISO standard 14064-1:2019 and INTE standard B5:2020.

The INTECO verification validates that the carbon footprint and offset calculations carried out by Grupo Sahlman are technically correct and therefore reliable. It also ascertains that the corresponding activities were undertaken in a verifiable manner.

According to Virgilio Castillo Hawkins, Grupo Sahlman and its staff are committed to maintaining a sustainable and efficient operation while striving to uphold the Carbon Neutral certification. This includes continuing to promote efficient water, energy and waste management practices, and implementing reforestation of natural forests in all areas of operation.

He also stressed that the carbon neutral certification positions Grupo Sahlman among a select group of companies worldwide that promote environmental sustainability, are responsible in their generation of GGE and work to reduce and offset all impacts of its operations by means of sustainable practices.

“Having been declared a carbon neutral company has a positive impact on us, the country and the world, since in addition to strengthening the link between the company, our communities and the environment, this seal of approval reflects an environmental quality standard that will allow us to expand our business network at local and international levels, thus gaining access to new markets,” he said.

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