Héðinn meal plant for SíldarvinnslanHéðinn has contracted to supply Síldarvinnslan with a 380-tonne meal plant. Photo: Héðinn

A contract has been signed for Héðinn to supply a 380-tonne capacity fishmeal plant for Síldarvinnslan’s Neskaupstaður processing plant, with a May 2022 completion date.

Síldarvinnslan has already made plans to expand its existing meal production from the current 1400 tonne capacity to 2380 tonnes – alongside establishing a smaller scale meal plant capable of producing u to 380 tonnes per 24 hours.

This contract refers to this smaller production pant, which is expected to be in use for most of the year outside the main pelagic fishing seasons when catches tend to be landed in bulk. This is expected to be primarily the blue whiting season, when fish are landed specifically for meal and oil production, as the majority of herring and mackerel landings are now processed and frozen for human consumption.

The new meal plant should also enough to cope with smaller capelin seasons. During the current season, 9700 tonnes of capelin have been frozen at Síldarvinnslan’s processing plant and only 120 tonnes have been routed to fishmeal production.

Síldarvinnslan has for some years been working with MATÍS on a development project to produce more valuable protein and fish oil from the raw production materials. The company has already been working on setting up a small experimental production plant for alternative production processes.

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