High-performance knotless UHMWPE nettingMX-4 is a high-performance netting made using UHMWPE film. Photo: Teijin

With testing carried out, high-tech materials company Teijin and fishing gear manufacturer Kinoshita Fishing Net Mfg. Co are now making available the first high-performance knotless fishing net made with an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) film

Kinoshita Fishing Net has already begun selling MX-4 made with Teijin’s Endumax UHMWPE and aims to be supplying 50 tonnes annually by 2025, including sales of Endumax netting for purse seines, and subsequently with growth into traps, fish farms and trawl gear.

Teijin has already developed a range of industrial applications for Endumax, including ropes, bulletproof clothing and lightweight containers for air cargo, in addition to netting for the fishing industry and the company expects to develop additional applications.

MX-4 brings together Teijin’s advanced Endumax film and Kinoshita Fishing Net’s manufacturing technology to produce high-strength knotless netting with excellent abrasion resistance. In addition to Muketsu knotless netting made with twisted strands, Kinoshita Fishing Net also has unique capacity to produce braided knotless netting, sold under the BM brand for purse seines, traps and fish farms.

Endumax is a 60μm-thick film that offers high strength, high modulus and resistance to impact, abrasion, chemicals and sunlight. Kinoshita Fishing Net’s own production technology makes it possible for Endumax that has been sliced into strips several millimetres in width to be braided into highly functional MX-4 netting for fishing applications.

According to Kinoshita, MX-4 is particularly suitable for purse seine gear for skipjack, tuna, horse mackerel and mackerel, which are used under tough conditions where durability and fast draining are crucial. MX-4 does not shrink easily and maintains its resistance to abrasion even after hundreds of shots, while also minimising gear maintenance.

As fishing gear made in MX-4 is hauled, it is reported to shed water immediately, making it lighter to work with and also keeping the netting clean.

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