AKVA’s new feed barge uses waterborne feeding technology Photo: AKVA GroupAKVA’s new feed barge uses waterborne feeding technology Photo: AKVA Group

Arctic Offshore Farming has invested in a new type of feed barge model in steel excelling in size and robustness and said to have an environmentally-friendly feeding system.

The feed and service barge AC800PVDB is more than 64 metres long with a total tonnage of 800 tonnes and built for extreme conditions with waves up to 6.5 metres. The barge is also the first to be designed with a bottom outlet for feed hoses in order to be able to use all sides of the barge for receiving feed.

“This is the toughest barge AKVA Group has ever made and it can handle weather from all sides,” said Kent Ims Borsheim, project manager in AKVA Group.

AKVA group has equipped the barge for waterborne feeding, which was first presented at AquaNor in 2019. This is the second feed barge to be delivered with this new type of technology which tests have shown uses 70-90% less energy than air transport of the feed.

The barge has 12 silos, eight feeding lines and is equipped with 4 Nogva (2x200kva generators and 2x375kva generators) and an AKVAconnect 4.0 control system. With six cabins and two veterinary rooms, the barge produces all its own fresh water from seawater and has an EVAC treatment facility for waste.

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