Hybrid seiner ordered for Norwegian ownersNord-Fugløy is to be built at Larsnes Mek Verksted to a Skipskompetanse design. Illustr: MMG

A contract has been signed between ship designer Skipskompetanse, shipbuilder Larsnes Mek Verksted and fishing company Camaro Fiskeriselskap for a new 50.70 metre LAO, 12 metre breadth seine netter/purse seiner.

Nord-Fugloy is to be built to a Skipskompetanse SK-3151 design for Roger Nilsen, who fishes from Nord-Lenange in the north of Norway.

It will be the yard’s 69th newbuild and Nord-Fugløy has been designed to dovetail with the owner’s operational requirements, with a flexible arrangement of RSW tanks and capacity to freeze catches at sea, with a 300m3 refrigerated capacity and a 499m3 RSW tank capacity, as well as options for carrying live fish in 400m3 of the tank space on board.

As well as a Yanmar 6EY26 main engine, Nord-Fugløy will have a 1000kW/h battery pack. The propulsion system included a large propeller, a two-step gearbox and a take-me-home option, all as part of a package developed to meet all future requirements for a minimal environmental footprint.

According to Skipskompetanse, in addition to the design being adapted to the company’s operating profile and areas of operation, it also anticipates climatic challenges that fishing vessels in northern waters may face.

The design is for a vessel capable of fishing with seine gear and static nets

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