Hydroniq cooling systems for Sølvtrans trioWellboat newbuilds 75, 76 and 77 have Hydroniq seawater coolers. Illustr: Myklebust Verft

Norwegian shipbuilder Myklebust Verft has awarded Hydroniq Coolers a contract to deliver a hull-integrated seawater cooling system to a vessel the yard is building for wellboat company Sølvtrans. 

Newbuild no.77, is the third in a series of three Kongsberg NVC 389 design wellboats with a 4000 cubic metre load capacity or Sølvtrans, the world’s largest wellboat company for transport of live salmon and trout. Hydroniq Coolers has previously received orders to supply the marine cooling system to newbuilds number 75 and 76.

The three-series building programme is part of a strategy of capitalising on cost and operational synergies by building a series of vessels of the same design.

“Although we have already won the contracts for newbuilds 75 and 76, we have had to fight to win the third vessel too. Myklebust Verft and Sølvtrans continuously raise the bar for their suppliers, which in turn makes us even more determined to deliver according to their expectations. We are therefore very proud to have also won this contract,” said Arnt Ove Austnes, sales manager at Hydroniq Coolers.

Hydroniq Coolers will equip the wellboat with its Rack seawater cooling system. This differs from other cooling systems as it is integrated into the hull, which frees up valuable space in the engine room.

“Wellboats typically operate with large loads and at low speeds. Our experience is that Hydroniq Coolers’ hull-integrated Rack system provides better cooling than traditional box coolers under such conditions,” said Tor Inge Nordmo, project manager at Myklebust Verft AS.

Delivery of the wellboat is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022.

Hydroniq Coolers will manufacture and assemble the seawater coolers at its headquarters outside Ålesund, and deliver it to Myklebust Verft located at Gursken.

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