The IFFO report shows that during the first eight months of 2021, total cumulative production of fish meal and fish oil in key countries* is trending higher. Data shows that fishmeal is up by 6.5 percent and fish oil is up by 12 percent.

In terms of fishmeal, Peru, Chile and India continue to be the only countries to report a higher cumulative production in 2021 with respect to the same period in 2020. Similarly, in terms of fish oil, Peru, Chile, India are the regions that so far have managed to increase their cumulative production during the first eight months of this year.

Domestic fishmeal and fish oil production in China resumed in September

By the end of September, all marine fishing bans have been lifted. As usual, the initial wild captures were mainly for direct human consumption, leaving small tonnage for fishmeal and fish oil. Domestic marine ingredients production usually has its peak in the last quarter of the year, therefore it is not clear yet what the local supply of fishmeal and fish oil will be this year.

Despite the worldwide containers’ crisis, shipments of imported fishmeal continue to grow year on year, with historically high stocks in the ports‘ warehouses. Demand for marine ingredients remains healthy.

* The IFFO measured production from Chile, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Iceland, India, Ireland, Ivory Coast, Mauritius, Norway, Peru, South Africa, the UK and the USA.


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