Indonesia’s Director General of Aquaculture, Tb Haeru Rahayu, recently explained that the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) will cooperate with the Aceh Tamiang Regency in Ace province in revitalizing traditional shrimp ponds. The ultimate goal of the initiative is for domestic shrimp production to reach 2 million tons by 2024.

This was explained by the head of the Directorate General of Aquaculture (DJPB) under KKP during the inauguration of a group of ponds for the sustainable farming of vannamei shrimp. To achieve this goal, KKP is intensively pursuing superior programs to boost shrimp production. One of the ongoing programs is to revitalize traditional ponds in potential areas, such as in Aceh Tamiang district.

As detailed by the director, the DJPB has reached an agreement to optimize the use of sustainable aquaculture resources, especially shrimp ponds. “The development of sustainable farming areas will be optimized in areas that have high potential and have the support, both from the community and local governments. Because with this support, it is expected that superior product-based aquaculture systems and businesses can be fostered,” Rahayu explained.

Increase the productivity

KKP, Rahayu said, believes that intensification or upgrading the use of intensive technology can increase the productivity of shrimp ponds in various regions. At the same time, he expressed his satisfaction with the construction of the sustainable vannamei shrimp cluster that was built in Aceh Tamiang.

Considering the number of 11 plots, the production pond area is 2.6 hectares, the stocking density is 80 fish per cubic meter and the production target is about 27 tons per cycle, it is a remarkable achievement. Therefore, it is hoped that this grouping can boost the economy of the community, as well as be imitated by other regions. “Hopefully, this Vannamei Shrimp Sustainable Farming Cluster will be successful, so that we can later expand it with the participation of other growers,” Rahayu said.

“Even with a limited budget, KKP is still trying its best to help develop the potential of local aquaculture in Aceh and throughout Indonesia,” the director continued.

This achievement, he further explained, is the result of collaboration between KKP and the Aceh Tamiang Regency Government. It is expected that the vannamei shrimp harvest can increase the income of local shrimp farmers, triggering the multiplier effect of economic revival in the surrounding community.

Productivity can be increased and obtain three times the profit

Results from technical studies indicate that, for each harvest, farmers can earn around Rp 10 million (about USD 700), three times Aceh’s provincial minimum wage (UMP). If the UMP here is Rp 3 million (just over USD 200), it means three times the profit.

“In the future, I hope that the Aceh Tamiang Regency Government will continue to use other budget sources to increase growers’ income. One of the recommendations is the Institute of Marine and Fisheries Capital Management (LPMUKP). For the aquaculture sub-sector to become a driver of the regional economy,” Rahayu said.

For his part, the head of the Ujung Batee Brackish Water Culture Fisheries Center, M. Tangang, added that the Balai he heads is ready to provide ongoing guidance to growers throughout

Aceh who need it, “so that the increase in aquaculture production can be done properly, so that it contributes to economic and social development. poverty alleviation in Aceh’s coastal areas.”

Tangang explained that traditional ponds had a yield of 250 kg per hectare for two cycles per year, but now it is expected that with the Sustainable Shrimp vannamei Group, productivity can be increased by 12-15 tons per hectare per cycle. It is expected that if its development continues, the results will be even greater.

“We will always be present in the midst of the growers. And as a UPT mandated to produce shrimp, the BPBAP of Ujung Batee has distributed support seeds targeting small growers and also for the development of sustainable vannamei shrimp pond group,” Tatang said.

Gratitude to KKP

For his part, Aceh Tamiang regent Mursil praised the program carried out by KKP. According to him, this program is very good, and he is optimistic that the results will be maximized. “I really appreciate KKP’s help in developing this group of shrimp ponds. I feel incredibly excited. There are no words but words of thanks and gratitude to KKP for allocating the budget for the vannamei shrimp cluster in Aceh Tamiang. KKP is extraordinary,” praised the Regent.


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