The ‘Future of Our Inshore Fisheries’ steering group has released an action planThe ‘Future of Our Inshore Fisheries’ steering group has released an action plan

The next steps for a collaborative project aimed at improving how inshore fisheries are managed in the UK have been published.

The industry-led steering group of the ‘Future of Our Inshore Fisheries’ project has released a report, detailing discussions from a conference in October last year and a roadmap setting out the first stage of actions to reform the management of UK inshore fisheries.

“At the conference last year we heard about approaches to inshore fisheries management from around the world,” said steering group chair, Michael Kaiser, professor of fisheries conservation at Heriot Watt University. “With this next phase of work we will start developing and testing some of the solutions to see what will work best. The action plan is wide ranging and reflects the complex nature of the task ahead,” he added.

Based on the report’s findings, the steering group has identified five themes that will shape future work – co-management, collaborative science, credible fisheries management, rights and access and effective compliance.

The action plan is the first attempt to set out deliverables across these themes to be progressed in the next 12 to 1 months. Key actions include mapping inshore fisheries by species, stock and management status; establishing a formal peer review process; developing a harvest strategy standard and reviewing access across priority inshore fisheries.

A series of pilot studies will be used to test and refine the various initiatives.

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